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 The Jail- Proposition 2017-6  You Decide!

  • The no on the jail tax campaign is here and the site is paid for by Whatcom Democrats
  • The yes on the jail tax has a facebook page here.
  • Highlights- Building a jail will be supported by an increase of .002 (two tenths of 1 %) in the County Sales tax. Half of the tax will expire in 2048 after the Jail is paid off.
  • Prices to build a jail will increase in the coming years.
  • The following voted to put the tax on the ballot Small Cities City Councils (Blaine,Lynden,Ferndale,Nooksack,Everson, and Sumas). Also the City of Bellingham and County Councils concurred.
  • The County could be more liable to be sued by inmates or workers because of the condition of the old jail.
  • Focus on prevention not detention is a slogan put out by the Democrats.

 Following from the NO on Jail Tax The Vera Institute (Hq in New York) Report to Whatcom County recommends numerous alternatives under five main themes: 

  • Reduce unnecessary admissions to the jail;
  • Reduce unnecessary pretrial detention, create a pretrial release process that is individualized and based on data-driven risk assessments;
  • Curtail the number of new and outstanding warrants for lower-level charges;
  • Develop a caseflow management plan to reduce time to disposition and shorten defendant’s length of stay in the jail;
  • Create oversight and accountability mechanisms to ensure successful and sustained jail population reduction.

The Fourth Corner Comment: Democrats do not want this tax increase?

County (and City) Races Are important.

Sad state of affairs for voters in County Council Races.  You can not get information from the County Council Office on who is representing which district in this county as far as the last election… or how Council People were assigned by ADA Karen Frakes and the voters who passed Proposition 9 in the 2015 election.

When I called the County Council offices I was referred to the Auditor’s Office and given the statement that “we respond to that question by saying they are all at-large because they were elected by the whole county”.  The County website also does not list Council Positions (voted on by the people in 2015 and as a result of the 5 district proposition of 2015).

County Council Districts: District One and Two are District Only Voting for County Council.

District One is South Bellingham and you should have Rudd Browne and Phil Morgan on your Ballot if you are registered to vote there

District Two is North Bellingham and you should have Amy Glaser and Todd Donovan on your Ballot if you are registered to vote there


District One:

Rudd Browne

Rudd Browne: Rudd Browne is vying to move from an At-large position to the New First District Rudd Browne is endorsed by the Washington Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, and the Democrat Party his other endorsements are here.



Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan: Phil Morgan is running in District one and is endorsed by the Republican Party. His website is here.





Rudd Brown is a retired local businessman who have the endorsement of most if not all of the progressive element in Whatcom County.   Phil Morgan is a retired engineer from Philips and currently stands against Rudd Browne on his Cherry Point Jobs and the Hirst Decision.

District Two

There is NO incumbent in District two running at this time. Todd Donovan was elected to the old District 1 position in 2015 and appointed  to the At Large Position after the 2015 election Proposition 9 passage by the voters; and even if he loses he will have two years to serve as the at large position.  This is what politicans call “a free run” the result being even it the candidate loses he or she will continue to serve.

Todd Donovan

Todd Donovan is a Western Washington University Political Science Professor and is endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, and the Whatcom Democrats.  A list of endorsements is here.



Amy Glasser

Amy Glasser  Moved to Whatcom County in 2003 … National Women’s Political Caucus WA; Planned Parenthood, Action NW; Preferred by the Whatcom Green Party. A list of endorsements is here.




For anyone of the conservative side this is a tough race to be a part of.  The only conservative running in this district was taken out in the primary.

A voter should try to vote for the person that is closest to what he or she believes government should be but does not necessarily agree with on issures… OR… don’t let the vote in this race keep you from turning in your ballot.

City of Bellingham At-Large Council:

Roxanne Murphy

Roxanne Murphy   She is a native of Washington State and  Nooksack Tribal Member Endorsed by the Washington Conservation Voters, Whatcom Democrats and the Sierra Club.  Complete Endorsements Here.



Eric Bostrum

Eric Bostrum-   Life long resident of Whatcom County.  Endorsed by the Republican Party. Here is his facebook page for other endorsements and information.




The liberal/conservative divide is obvious here and you can make your vote count either way by the way you vote.


Bellingham School District 501 Position 4:

Jenn Mason  Is Endorsed by Whatcom Democrats, 42nd District Democrats, Lummi Indian Business Council See the whole list here
Teri Hill-McIntyre  Here is her website (she lists no endorsements and sounds like a good option to run for this office

Other Races of import throughout the County

Blaine School District 503 Pos 3

  • Michael Dodd
  • Laura McKinney

Lynden School District 504 Pos 5

  • Kelli Kettels
  • CJ Costanti

Meridian School District 505 Pos 2

  • Renier Elenbaas
  • Jeannie Castro

Mt Baker School District 507 Pos 4

  • Nancy Workman
  • Kelly Zender