As a parent whose children have benefited greatly from the education provided at Meridian High School, I am respectfully asking everyone in the Meridian School District to vote “Yes” on the 2 levy proposals which will be on the ballot this February 11.  The EP&O (Educational Programs & Operations) Levy will replace the existing level of funding which was passed in 2015 and will expire at the end of this year.  The Tech Levy is new and will provide money, which together with other district funding, will allow the district to stay up with the increasingly complex advances in technology and provide our teachers and students with the tools and knowledge they will need to compete in today’s marketplace.

As a co-chair on the committee to promote these levies, I can attest to the level of need in our district and the level of study and restraint used in determining the amount to ask for in each levy…there is real justification to have asked for a higher level of funding, however the committee decided it would be fair and ethical to ask the people living in our district to fund our schools at the minimum level which would maintain the high quality of educational opportunity we offer our students.

Our levies are very important to Meridian School District as are the levy requests from other districts around the county, state and country and the voters must discern how important they believe that education is for the future of our young people and for our country.  I, for one, believe that it is one of the most important investments we can make in the lives of our children which are the future of our country.


Bill Chambers

Co-Chair for Meridian Citizens for Education Committee (MCEC)