When no one is on campus during COVID; Ballot boxes in lonely places.

Friday Morning, Oct 23rd a lone election worker is spotted at 8:25AM at the Whatcom Community College Drop box.  When asked by passerby what he was doing he stated he was “checking and locking ballot box”.

COVID has set up special problems for voters in the City of Bellingham.

As a matter of fact there are there are a total of 6 locations in the city limits of Bellingham

4 out of the 6 are off the beaten path for most voters and sit on College Campuses in the city.  The other two are at the County Courthouse parking lot which at times reports a large line to get to the ballot box and Sehome Village Haggens parking lot in the Samish neighborhood.

Whatcom Community College pictured above with the lone election worker “checking and locking ballot box”  has a ballot box  that is really difficult to get to (The Fourth corner went to visit it) . Older people who don’t wish to mail their ballots in North Bellingham would have quite a time getting to this location on what is basically a deserted campus because of the COVID “no school” dictates.

Below are pictured the journey on foot to get to the ballot box.