The Fourth Corner is featuring a new way to “get the story” to our readers and in this case watchers…

Dan Johnson’s New Web Site You tube and streaming site; called the Hook; brings news and comment to Whatcom County

Guest Videographer:

Dan Johnson from The Hook

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The Fourth Corner is featuring a look at the Education system in Whatcom County and a story on a local teacher’s advise to students given during the time of distance learning.

Here is the Whatcom County teacher making his remarks in the classroom through a zoom connection that was being recorded by a parent.

Its a bad time for education with the Pandemic basically shutting down in-person teaching for a year. The state legislature dictation of certain sex-education curriculum two years ago  and Critical Race Theory training for teachers this year the gulf between many communities and their public schools has widened significantly and teachers may feel they need to fill a gap that is not there.

In the example given below it is concerning that a teacher seems to be advising students to not cooperate with the police.  See if you believe that to be the case. And make comment on the web site

Here is the full Video presented by Dan Johnson and his “the Hook”: organization…

“I was given video showing how a local teacher is conducting his civics class. This is unedited audio and the video has been edited only to try and protect the identity of the teacher. It is clear what the message is. Is this right or wrong? Should safeguards be put into place to monitor/audit the public classroom? Law enforcement is under this same scrutiny. Public officials are also recorded in council meetings. Why not teachers?