• From: New County Executive: Satpal Sidhu: (Surprised);
  • From Council Woman Kathy Kershner: (Black eye for Whatcom County);
  • Sen Doug Ericksen: (This is too important for us to let it go)
  • Rep Luanne VanWerven: ( regulatory bureaucracy failed Whatcom County once again)
  • RE-Sources(in Whatcom: (Environmental group questions oil giant’s intentions.)

Statement County Executive:

Satpal Sidhu

Council Person Kathy Kershner:

Kathy Kershner                                    

 Whatcom County Council

311 Grand Avenue, Suite 105  360-778-5010 .   council@co.whatcom.wa.us                   

Kathy Kershner

“It’s unfortunate that Whatcom county, once again, continues to promote an unfriendly business climate. In this case we’ve lost 650 construction jobs and 100 new full time workers at Cherry Point.  This gives a black eye to Whatcom county government; when a project promoting renewable energy cannot get permitted. This shows a total lack of local government support to make it thru the permitting process for any business.”

Rep. Luanne Van Werven, Republican -42

Rep Luanne VanWerven:

(360) 786-7980  |  luanne.vanwerven@leg.wa.gov

“The crushing regulatory bureaucracy failed Whatcom County once again by demanding an overreaching environmental impact statement (EIS) for a green renewable fuel project at Phillips 66. The loss of local jobs and opportunities cannot be overstated. I will continue to press the Department of Ecology and Governor’s office to find a way to save this $800 million project.” Rep. Luanne Van Werven 

Senator Doug Ericksen:

Sen Doug Ericksen

The RE-Store run by RE-Sources

RE-Sources for Sustainable Communities response to the Phillips 66 project cancellation.

Re-Sources, as many will remember, has a history of suing businesses for not being speedy enough in implementing storm water clean up and then settling the suits before court; using what is well known as “green mail” practices that tend to get lawyers more money than anything gained in getting cleaner water.  The Fourth Corner Stories are here and here and here on their business practices of the past.

The Headline on their website concerning the Phillips 66 situation is as follows:

Environmental group questions oil giant’s intentions in backing out of a promising biofuel refinery in Ferndale, Wash. read the rest here.