The following is going out to all Propane Customers served by VanderYacht.

Hello All:

I’m Bryan VanderYacht, cofounder, owner, and working president of VanderYacht Propane Inc.

If this comes off as my RANT it could very well be. However, it originates from my concern for whomever this new Senate Bill will affect: all of us.

The most recent price increase of Oil and Natural Gas products is a result of Washington State government deciding to slap a levy on fossil fuel energy. This new “tax” will ADD 42 cents per gallon on gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, natural gas, and yes… propane too. This will end up coming out of the pockets of all of us as end consumers. Like so many other add on costs, it’ll affect everything from farming, medical fields, household supplies, to the many recreational toys we depend on for our weekend entertainment! Add this to the already rising costs from inflation.

What drives our state to implement this tax (without a vote from the citizens)?

Imagine a small “Mom & Pop” Propane Company that sells 1 million gallons in a year, will pay in $420,000 more to the Washington State coffers. Looking at a larger but still Small Business, say 10 million gallons… well, the math is simple, $4.2 (yes) million. Again, as we know, this comes out of all of our pockets.

As another example of our Washington Government forcing us away from non-electric services, as our friends to the south in California are dealing with, is yet another code which effects new builds and substantial remodels. On July 1st, building codes will ban natural gas heating and water heaters. We know that our customers use propane where nothing else is practical. And keeping away from 100% use of electricity makes sense, especially when there is a power outage! We need to have a say in these decisions!

Be it Democrat or Republican thinking, Senate Bill 5126 (Editors Note: 5126 is the “Cap and Trade” Law enacted in the last Legislative Session—2021-2022 see the law below) marched down the center aisle taking money from all of us. And who will say where these new moneys are spent? As a levy and not a conventional tax, they really do not have to earmark these dollars, they can spend it any way they see fit without limitations… not an ideal thing for government spending.

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If you read through this bill and all its details, it will make your head spin. We feel that it will raise huge amounts of money for the state and won’t accomplish what it sets out to do, reducing fossil fuel use. Washington State Government has been FOLLOWING California regulations and not LEADING in what is good for our people!

5126-S2.E SBR FBR 21

As new electric alternatives come available and sensible, we should decide on our own if they fit into our lives, NOT have the government force them on us.

We also became aware of the state is now considering a “drive by mile” tax. Where will it all end……

Please seriously consider this message, share it with others and perhaps we can speak out to make a difference!

Thank you all for your time.


Bryan VanderYacht