Opening Prayer at meeting interrupted.

Jon Mutchler, Mayor of Ferndale, Shouted at for Praying

With shouts of “WHAT ABOUT CHURCH AND STATE” and “WHY ARE WE PRAYING” a member of the audience interrupted the beginning of the Legislator Townhall that occurred at Meridian High School on Saturday January 5th 2019 at 2:00PM. The Legislators sponsoring the event had asked Jon Mutchler, Mayor of Ferndale to open the townhall (just as the Legislature opens its sessions each day) with a prayer.

The discussion on the Stage after the opening turned to Senator Doug Ericksen, Rep Luanne VanWerven and Representative Elect Sharon Shewmake, who have been sworn in Monday January 14th the first day of the current legislative session.

The highlights of the Town Hall brought out the differences in both political philosophy and experience of those speaking.


Sharon Shewmake

Capital Gains Tax: Rep elect Shewmake followed the line that Pres Obama followed by saying that the wealth to be taxed is not your wealth “its belongs to the community” and “only rich people in Seattle will pay”. The audio below is her statement on the Capital Gains Tax.



Senator Doug Ericksen

Senator Doug Ericksen explains to constitutents what the McCleary Decision will mean to the voters in the future if it is fulfilled as written: (all local levy property tax rates for schools will be lowered to $1.50 a thousand in the state beginning in the new levy cycle); but it looks like Governor Inslee and the Democrats in the House and Senate will probably remove this $1.50 cap and allow for nearly unfettered levy rates for local school levies to be instituted.  The reason he says: Is the unprecedented negotiations of increased Teacher Salaries that wiped out the state’s one time taxation last year has now brought most school districts into deficit and they need to balance their budgets.

The audio of Senator Ericksen is here:


Rep Luanne VanWerven

Rep Luanne Van Werven was questioned about “single payer” health insurance.  Her answer was that we have all people covered in the State of Washington but 4% and that it would be a challenge right now to keep everyone else covered at reasonable rates and cover these 4%.



The Audio of Rep VanWerven is here:

The Lynden Tribune has good coverage of this event for those subscribed to the e-edition or the paper.  For those that are not the article is behind a pay wall… Here is a Whatcom County Republican Party take on the Townhall.

THE FOURTH CORNER IS PROUD TO BE a Co-Sponsor of the Common Threads Event on Jan 23rd at Meridian High School.