Commission misses deadline by a few hours: Supreme Court Says Continue the Process.


The four person state Commission finished their redistrict plan a few hours late and the maps had to go to the Washington State Supreme Court to make the decision on the State Redistricting Commission’s work. In a unanimous decision here ;the court gave the go ahead to continue the process.

Already delayed by the Biden administration which could not complete the census reporting of figures to all states on time; the further delay would have cast doubt on the whole process set up by Washington State to manage its redistricting in as much of a non-partisan way as possible.

The decision accepted the agreed on lines of the Commission even though it was a filed with the legislature beyond the midnight headline of November 15th.  Baring any other lawsuits; the process will now continue to proceed as if the timeline had not been missed and the legislature has its first 30 days to look at and change any lines; limited to 2% of the population of a district.

The following for Whatcom County  is what all four voting commissioners agreed to before the deadline:


Change Leg Distirct


Here are the members of the State Commission that together drew up the State Maps:

See the report to the Legislature here…