The Fourth Corner’s Charlie Crabtree will host Kris Halterman’s Saturday Morning Live Show…Tune in: Why vote in the Primary…. TURN IN YOUR BALLOT please!!

Tune in to KGMI 790 this Saturday July 28th and August 4th  to hear the Fourth Corner’s Charlie Crabtree host the Kris Halterman’s “Saturday Morning Live” show the next two weeks at 8:00 AM.


Bruce Ayers

This weekend local long term conservative activist Bruce Ayers will discuss the Primary election picks and processes for local races and beyond.  Bruce is known for much of his volunteer work here in Whatcom County and was the last Conservative Bellingham City Council Person.


SOS Kim Wyman

The Following Saturday; just three days before the polls close on the August 7th Primary; on August 4th, The Fourth Corner’s Charlie Crabtree will interview Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman on the state’s Primary season and on many of the legislative changes that have been made to registration and elections over the past year and what her thoughts are on the dangers of electoral systems here in Washington State  in connection with the national hacking concerns.

Stay tuned both weeks for these broadcasts  while Host Kris Halterman takes a well deserved couple of weeks off from hosting the show.

Kris Halterman’s Liberty Road’s Primary Election suggestions:

Please remember to vote in the August 7th Primary… the Primaries are the place where voter main decisions are made.

  • US Senate: Susan Hutchison (will be strongly supported by the King County Republicans) or Art Coday (is also a good choice)
  • US Congress District 1: Jeffery Beeler
  • US Congress District 2: Brian Luke
  • WA Representative District 40 Position 1: Michael Petrish
  • WA Senator District 42: Doug Ericksen
  • WA Representative District 42 Position 1: Luanne Van Werven
  • WA Representative District 42 Position 2: Vincent Kyle Buys
  • Whatcom County Council: Mike Peetoom
  • Court of Appeals Division 1 District 3 Judge Position 1: Tom Sequine
  • Whatcom County Prosecuting Atty: Eric Richey (has prosecutorial experience vs. none by his opponent)

Republican Party Website is here

Democrat Party Website is here

There are eighteen Drop Box Locations for your Ballots located here

Acme Elementary                                                     Blaine Library
5200 Turkington Rd.                                                    610 3rd St.

Birch Bay (North Whatcom Fire & Rescue)           Custer Elementary
4581 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd.                                       7660 Custer School Rd.

Courthouse South Parking Lot                            Deming Library
201 Grand Ave.                                                     5044 Mt. Baker Hwy.

Everson WECU                                                    Ferndale City Hall
106 E Main St.                                                       2095 Main St.

Sudden Valley                                                 Sumas
Sudden Valley Security Turnaround                    534 Railroad Ave

Whatcom Community College                        WWU Bookstore
237 W Kellogg Rd.                                             501 High S

At the Fourth Corner we always remind you to vote and that your vote is vital.  This is especially true in Primaries where so few registered voters take advantage of their voting right.  Don’t be a “slacktivist” and talk about problems and then not vote.  Please vote… this time the postage cost you nothing… neither does dropping your ballot in a drop box.