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As expected, the South Whidbey Fire/EMS District is putting a levy lid lift measure on the ballot in August. Look for a flood of information about why you should give them more money… and very little information on why you should not. (At the Project, we have no opinion on the matter — we generally like fire fighters and medics — but we would like to occasionally see an argument against these things, if there’s one to be made.)

And the City of Langley declares itself poor. Or at least, its General Fund is not doing well. Mayor Horstman foresees the need for an interfund loan in the next week or so “to make up for significant overspending.” Wanda Grone pulled a rabbit out of the hat for the Hospital District when she was the Island County Treasurer, but the Langley problem sounds like it will be a lot trickier to solve.

Is it VIP-TV? No, but we have a lot of new video on the site this week. Richard MacQuarrie, last seen running (not successfully) for Island County Treasurer, has launched a podcast named Parabellum. This month, he’s released interviews with former Island County Treasurer (and county commissioner candidate) Wanda Grone (R-Langley), and current Island County Commissioner Jill Johnson (R-Oak Harbor). We hope to talk with both women and their opponents when we launch our Candidate Interviews series later this year. We also have video from the Coupeville Town Council, Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue District, Oak Harbor City Council, Stanwood-Camano School District, and that 10th District Virtual Town Hall. Search on the site for [VIDEO] to see all this and more.

And we have an audio interview with State Senator Ron Muzzall (R-Oak Harbor) via our friend at The Fourth Corner, Charlie Crabtree, who does a radio show on Saturday mornings up in Whatcom County.

On the horizon: we got email about campaign kickoffs for County Commissioner candidate Steven Myres (R-Freeland on Apr. 6) and State Representative candidate Yvonne Gallardo (R-Arlington on Apr. 13). Myres is vying for the seat Melanie Bacon (D-Langley) holds, and Gallardo is challenging Clyde Shavers (D-Oak Harbor).

Keep an Eye On… the South Whidbey School Board meeting on Wednesday has a light agenda but includes the financial and enrollment report. Given the fiscal woes of your neighbors in Coupeville, it probably bears watching these reports. Also: the Island County Commissioners board meeting on Tuesday, where they will hold a public hearing on a resolution relating to the Countywide Planning Process. If you have thoughts on the “let’s stuff 15,000 more people into Island County” plan, here’s a chance to speak up.

We post the next week’s government meetings on our Events Calendar every week.

If someone passed this along to you, we’d love for you to join us every week.

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South Whidbey and Langley


SOUTH WHIDBEY: Board of Fire Commissioners passes fire levy lid lift resolution (SWFE) (Mar 19, 2024 04:18 pm)

LANGLEY: City of Langley’s general fund in peril (SWR) (Mar 22, 2024 01:30 am)


Mar 27, 2024 06:30 pm: South Whidbey School District – Business Meeting

Island County


ELECTIONS 2024: Interview with Wanda Grone (PARABELLUM) (Mar 07, 2024 08:00 pm)

ISLAND COUNTY: Island County District Court judge announces retirement (SCN) (Mar 08, 2024 06:30 pm)

ISLAND COUNTY: A Message from Commissioner Bacon [Mar. 15, 2024] (MELANIE BACON) (Mar 15, 2024 01:15 pm)

ISLAND COUNTY: Interview with Jill Johnson (PARABELLUM) (Mar 18, 2024 02:00 pm)

ISLAND COUNTY: A Message from Commissioner Bacon [Mar. 22, 2024] (MELANIE BACON) (Mar 22, 2024 05:47 pm)


Mar 26, 2024 10:00 am: Island County Commissioners – Board Meeting

Mar 27, 2024 09:00 am: Island County Council of Governments

Washington State Legislature


LEGISLATURE 2023-24: Interview with Sen. Ron Muzzall (KGMI) (Mar 16, 2024 08:00 am)

ELECTIONS 2024: Campaign Kickoff and Fundraiser to Support Yvonne (GALLARDO CAMPAIGN) (Mar 18, 2024 11:11 am)

LEGISLATURE 2023-24: 10th District Virtual Town Hall [VIDEO] (PAUL) (Mar 19, 2024 06:00 pm)


No legislative events posted this week.

Apr 13, 2024 09:00 am: Yvonne Gallardo – Campaign Kickoff and Fundraiser to Support Yvonne

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