The Ferndale City Council Considers a Resolution on naming the Road to I-5 Connection Bridge, The Senator Douglas J. Ericksen Bridge.

From the time he entered college until the time he passed away his life’s goal was not money but to serve those in his community.  I was lucky to be a friend of Doug Ericksen for many of those years. He worked hard as a “part time” member of the state legislature for many years and kept his Family and Community as his highest priority.  It is time to honor him and  here at the Fourth Corner we cannot think of a better solution.  This is not about politics or partisan divisions; this is about Whatcom County and our community… Please join us by taking the suggestion of the former Mayor of Ferndale and his colleagues and send a positive e-mail to support this resolution to the email addresses below.

Charlie Crabtree

Ferndale Council members Erin Gunter, Herb Porter, and Mutchler took the first step today by submitting a resolution to name the new Thornton Bridge, the Sen. Douglas J. Ericksen Bridge.
You can share your support at this two emails: Keep it respectful and positive.

Sen. Doug Ericksen