This year’s legislative session produced some drastic new laws in the state.  Laws passed under heavy security and very little in-person input from citizens.

U.S. Army National Guardsmen and members of the Washington State Patrol line a fence outside of the Washington State Capitol building on Monday in Olympia.

Here is Senator Ericksen’s take on the session:

One thing that is clear: We All Live in Seattle Now.

  1. Whether it is laws attacking law enforcement and making our neighborhoods less safe…(ESHB 1054 passed) just like radical Seattle.
  2. Whether it is forcing your children to go through anti-American Critical Race Theory Training in our public school starting in elementary school…(ESSB 5044 passed) just like radical Seattle
  3. Whether it is forcing public employees and school teachers to go through anti-American Critical Race Theory Training…(ESSB 5044 passed) just like Seattle
  4. Whether it is legalizing possession and use of heroin, meth, cocaine, and other hard drugs…(ESSB 5476 passed) just like radical Seattle
  5. Whether it is releasing violent felons early from jail…just like radical Seattle
  6. Whether it is new energy taxes, new income taxes, new home construction taxes, new cell phone taxes, higher property, etc etc…(ESSB 1091 passed)(ESSB 5126 passed)(ESSB 1323 passed)(ESSB 5044 passed)(ESSB 5096 passed)(and others)just like radical Seattle
  7. Whether it is preventing you from protecting your family in your own home…j(SB 5038 passed)ust like radical Seattle
  8. The most radical legislature in the history of Washington State is forcing everyone to live like Seattle.
  9. I used to really like Seattle. To go to baseball games, to go to the museums, to go to the waterfront, etc. No longer.
  10. I do not want to live in Seattle.

I do not want Seattle leftists to tell me how to live.


Socialists policies have destroyed Seattle, please work with me to prevent Socialist Seattle cancer from spreading any further into our communities.

Interesting votes in ‘how they voted” listed right here in the Fourth Corner: 

One Democrat from the 42nd Legislative District voted yes on the 59 billion budget but voted no on  tax bills it would take to balance that budget.

One Democrat from the 42nd Legislative District voted 60% of the time with the Republicans; only breaking with the GOP for Critical Race Theory, The overall 59 Billion spending bill, Eviction Protection, and Possession of Controlled substances.

Two Republicans broke with their party on a compromise worked out on Possession of Controlled Substances… They voted to make possession a misdemeanor; with many Democrats.

Part 1 First 5 Bills

SHB 1323:click for details

  • This raises payroll taxes and gives the consumer no choice in long term care insurance
  • W-2 employees only- from $250 to $500 a year estimates
  • Full “Vestment” 5 years (if you pay in short of 5 years you collect nothing)
  • Max 36500 in benefits at $100.00 per day
  • Effect on Medicaid unclear

ESSB 5092:click for details

A. If the vote was Yes on this :

  • Assumes Income Tax Passage
  • Assumes Positive Cap and Trade Passage
  • Assumes Low Carbon Fuel Standard Passage
  • Assumes Lowering Rainy Day Fund.

B. Spending in the Bienium (does not include Transportation Spending)

  • Budget of 59 Billion in spending approved for General Fund Operating Budget
  • Increase of 7 Billion from last budget.
  • Add 10.6 Billion New Federal Dollars as well.

ESSB 5096:click for details

  • This is the “Capital Gains” Income tax in Washington state
  • 8000 people pay 450,000,000 in unneeded expenditures in Washington State
  • Capital gains of $250,000 begins in 2020 at 7%
  • No restraint on increasing rates or amounts in the law.

ESHB 1054:click for details

  • Restrict a wide range of Use of devices for cops
  • Can engage in pursuits only under strict definitions
  • Return any equipment to the military if so purchased
  • Use tear gas except in very special circumstances
  • Micro management will continue

ESSB 5160:click for details

  • Adds more time and expense to eviction
  • No reimbursement of COVID related missed rents.
  • Further Reduces the inventory of affordable housing

Part Two: Includes votes on Cap & Trade, Low Carbon Fuel Tax, Critical Race Theory, Drug Possession from Felony to Misdemeanor, Felons and voting…Read More Here