Hannah Stone

My name is Hannah Stone, and I am running for re-election to serve as the Ward 1 representative on the Bellingham City Council. I was unanimously appointed from a pool of twenty-four applicants to fill a vacancy on the Council in 2018 and then elected to my first full term the following year.

The City Council establishes public policies, adopts long-range plans, approves the budget, and passes laws to benefit and protect our residents. As a City Council Member, I recognize public service is a privilege and accept these responsibilities in earnest. As an attorney, I bring an important skill set to the Council. I am an analytical thinker who pays close attention to the details because details matter, and I use logical reasoning, critical thinking, and independent research to analyze problems and develop workable solutions. I listen and show respect to everyone, and I speak with honesty and candor. My education, experience, and empathy are invaluable assets to both the community and the Council.

As Bellingham continues to grow, our community faces important decisions that require astute judgement and forethought on issues related to affordable housing, homelessness, behavioral health, public safety, and continued growth. Future generations are dependent upon us to develop solutions to advance our climate action goals, encourage diverse housing options, promote multi-modal transportation, and facilitate a just transition.

Collectively we all have a vested interest in Bellingham’s future – it’s our home. I am committed to lead by example with local action.