Hannah Ordos


As it is now, the Whatcom County Council does not adequately represent the rural population.

Only one member of the council voices rural concerns and we desperately need another one on the council. That voice that can help bridge the urban/rural divide in our County is Hannah Ordos.

Hannah has a unique ability to listen and connect with people. She is thoughtful, understands the issues and would use a commonsense approach to create real solutions. She doesn’t speak in pre-rehearsed talking points but directly addresses the pressing issues facing us today: Public Safety, the Drug Crisis ravaging our community, Homelessness, and the lack of housing.

Hannah grew up in the county but also lived a number of years in Bellingham. Those rural and urban lived experiences, give Hannah the unique perspective to zero in on actual solutions to problems. Hannah would not just vote to set up an advisory council to create a report which would then gather dust on a shelf. She will assess the issue, prioritize what can be done, and hold people accountable to the stated goals. She has done that in her professional life and would do so again on Council.

As a fiscal conservative, Hannah does not subscribe to the go along, get along type of politics. She believes that We the People, have the right to think and say what we believe. We need Hannah on the Council and I urge you to join me in voting for Hannah Ordos for County Council At-Large. ~ MaryKay Robinson