Greg Hansen

Re-elect Greg Hansen. Ferndale Mayor

It has been the privilege of a lifetime to be able to serve my community as Mayor. Despite the extraordinarily difficult times we’ve all been through over the last few years; with steady and engaged leadership, thoughtful and results based solutions, and by doing the hard work and making the difficult decisions today – we are prepared for tomorrow.  Ferndale is in a great place as we head into the next four years.

We’ve made huge strides as a City, even in the midst of COVID: the Thornton Street Overpass, water infrastructure projects, and parks.  Ferndale’s downtown is alive again and we’ve invested our ARPA dollars in Ferndale’s future!

In my work as Mayor, I value; Collaboration, teamwork and humility –  bringing together experts to find solutions to our challenges and understanding that great ideas come from across the political spectrum.

I value hard work. Success doesn’t happen by accident. I show up every day, engaged and ready to listen, learn, and work hard on behalf of our community.

I value strategic and long-range thinking. We must begin the work today to address our community’s needs 20 and even 50 years from now.

And, I embrace our diversity because when we respect and consider the diversity of opinions, identities, and backgrounds within our community we make decisions that enable everyone to thrive.

I bring all my background, experiences, skills, and knowledge to my work as Mayor – Every day!   There is nobody better suited or better prepared for this job than me.