Remember to Vote in Conservation election March 26th

Washington State Legislature moving legislation that implements many of the National “Green Manifesto” goals.

Here are the top 5 Goals of the National Green Manifesto Resolution

Even The Washington Post opinion page says the Green Manifesto is “make believe” The following are just three reasons why..  Here is the full Washington Post Commentary article.

  1. No current Technology. The trouble is that the technology doesn’t seem to exist to win this war without causing the economy to collapse.
  2. The rest of the world need not apply:”For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the Green New Deal achieves its stated goals over a decade.  So what?! ” The rest of the world will be growing without these economy killing rules and producing carbon gases at a higher rate.
  3. Much more than controlling emissions: “As Howard Gleckman of the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center notes, it is “an ambitious manifesto demanding — among other things — a massive infrastructure initiative, a guaranteed job with a ‘family-sustaining wage,’ and universal access to high-quality health care, affordable housing, economic security, high-quality education, and healthy food.”

The Complete Resolution for the National Green Manifesto is here.

Manifesto introduced in the United States Congress as a Resolution…

The main sponsors of the Green New Deal — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.).



The Washington State Legislature

has moved Senate Bill 5489 to the Senate Floor: “Establishing a healthy environment for all by creating a definition of environmental justice, directing agencies to address environmental health disparities, and creating a task force.”

Three other items presented in Washington State mimicking the National “Green Manifesto” ;according to State Senate sources from the John Carlson KVI radio PodCast Here.(starts 20 minutes in.. ARE:

  1. A version of Cap and Trade
  2. Eliminate Fossil Fuels in 11 Years
  3. New Green Building Requirements including monitoring usage of energy, compliance of standards, and retrofitting buildings to comply immediately.


Mark your Calendars: Wednesday March 6th 6:00PM 2019… at Meridian High School Whatcom Agriculture: is there a future

Important March 6th Event at Meridian High School: Farming and Government in Whatcom County.

Ferndale and Nooksack School Districts pass Bond issues

Ferndale School District passed their $112 Million bond issue by 6038 voters Approving and 3719 voters Rejecting the Financing of the Bond.( 62.04% to 37.96%). Congratulations are in order in this election to the Community of Ferndale that worked hard to communicate the facts on the bond. In Ferndale’s case there is a citizen oversight committee that will keep an eye on the project as it progresses.

More info on the Ferndale Project here:

The Nooksack 29.7 Million Bond also passed with 1656 voters approving the bond proposal and 912 rejecting the bond proposal. (64.49% to 35.51%)

More Info on the Nooksack Project here:

The bonds passed even with the threat of more property taxes coming from local levies in the future. There is action in the State Legislature right now to increase the lid for local levy taxation from the mandated $1.50 per thousand by the McCleary decision legislation last year.

Our Story on the Bonds appears here.

Higher property taxes on the docket in the state Senate for Schools…

From a Washington Policy Center Report here:      

Liv Finne WPC Education Director

1. HB 5313, SB 5316, and SB 5466 would provide a bailout to school districts by allowing administrators to push for higher local property taxes:

“Senator Lisa Wellman (D-Mercer Island), Chair of the Senate Education Committee, has introduced three bills, SB 5313, SB 5316, and SB 5466, to provide a bailout to school districts by allowing administrators to push for higher local property taxes, in violation of the court’s ruling in the McCleary school funding case.  If passed, the bills could result in increases in local taxes of up to $2.1 billion a year. ”  More Here