THANKS to all of our wonderful supporters and friends over the last few years.  We are now able, for the first time, to produce a “hard copy” of The Fourth Corner for Lynden and Ferndale zip codes.

Its our ten year celebration and it is because of supporters like you!  Small checks and

Book that Inspired the Name “Fourth Corner”

donations to the Fourth Corner have been used to co-sponsor events that educate the community.  We have used funding to have a statewide “Tour of Tim Eyman and Glen Morgan” and we continue to support our local events.

As we have been producing all of these activities we have been saving for this day.  This is the official announcement that 18,000 plus Fourth Corners will be printed and delivered to every door in Lynden and Ferndale Zip Codes.

THANK YOU AGAIN SUPPORTERS.  It will be awesome to see the response from the community.

Including articles and statements from and about:

  • Philipps 66 ,
  • Whatcom Business Alliance,
  • SAVE Northwest (NW);
  • Common Threads NW,
  • Sen Doug Ericksen,
  • Hirst Decision and Well Water committee person Molly Crocker
  • Rep. Sharon Shewmake
  •  Gary Haglund on Charter Government  from Skagit County;
  • Rep. Luanne Van Werven.
  • And many many more.

In addition On its eight pages:

  • A review of those involved in the Primary
  • Same Day Registration
  • The Ukrainian Community
  • Information on upcoming events.

This and much more…. We at the Fourth Corner believe this is a much needed and worthwhile education project and hope you like it.  If you can continue to help out or help out for the first time. Go to our Website at and select “Support” from the top buttons.  This will ensure that our nonprofit activities continue. Please contact for advertising rates in the Printed and Blog versions of the Fourth Corner.

The date of completion is estimated to be before the Primary election in August.

Look for it in your mail box in Ferndale and Lynden…  SAMPLE OF PAGE 1