One person found dead in  at homeless camp

9:00 AM May 7th 2021

The fire department found one person dead after responding to a call of a fire reported in the RV’s at a homeless encampment on the 1400-1500 Block of D St in Bellingham about 4:00AM May 7th 2021. One RV was reported destroyed and another damaged.

The Picture below was taken by the Fourth Corner on April 26th after reports of the encampment being moved away from the West Side and hatchery area of Whatcom Creek.

Homeless tents and RV’s in the 1400 & 1500 Block of D St.


The move to the D street location followed other moves of the homeless encampment from a Sehome Neighborhood Park and prior to that Geri Field in the Civic Stadium area on Fraser street.

This reporter drove by the D St location on  April 26th and found that the RV’s and a trailer (at that time) parked along the street and just beyond one of the RV’s were several bicycle parts…


Laurel St Park encampment

Previously the members of the camp and volunteers had moved the encampment from Geri Field to Laurel St Park in the Sehome neighborhood. Public Works removed this encampment and some of the residents moved on to other organizations and places managing the homeless.  Others ended up just west of the hatchery on Whatcom Creek; about 2 blocks from the location of the fire in the RV’s.


Police reports do not mention whether there were drugs or alcohol involved but an investigation and reporting is ongoing.

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