In a Political move Whatcom Council leaves flood victims and winter storm victims unrepresented in State Senate… Broken Promise leaves vacuum in state Senate. Feeling grows Council will “Stonewall” the appointment even after Tuesday January 11th. Leaving Whatcom County unrepresented.

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Barry Buchanan

Carol Frazey

In a nasty piece of political theatre the liberal majority on the Whatcom County Council has stopped its promised process to replace Sen Doug Ericksen in the legislature today January 4th and postponed for a week the possible vote to replace him.

A delay introduced by Outgoing Council member Rud Browne was a surprise to many observers who thought this was outside the purvey of the listed Agenda.  The Council on a 4-0 vote had agreed on the special meeting with the one agenda item in December. For whatever reason Councilman Todd Donovan walked out of that meeting in December as I have seen him do in other meetings that are zoomed. Council President Barry Buchanan was the 4th vote in late December to vote to appoint a Senate replacement for  Ericksen at the 4th of January Meeting.

Todd Donovan

County Councilman Rudd Browne

The late December action sped the process dictated by law for the local Republican party; they still did their part presenting 3 people to be put forth as Senator for the 42nd District in the time the Council dictated.

This slap in the face to the voters of Whatcom County seems to have come about by an email generated by a group called the Riveter’s Collective whose members have included a SJ Robson and extremist activist and political partner of Todd Donovan; Lisa McShane.


Council Woman wonders aloud if the four in the Majority colluded outside the Public Meeting Act Rules.

Kathy Kershner

During Discussion, Kathy Kershner stated the liberal Council People seem to use the same terms as a group that have often been presented by Progressives in their delaying tactics. Here is the video of the meeting…     A Public Meetings Act rule “violation”  is very hard to prove since you need information not readily available in a timely manner to make a difference.  But other observers besides the Council Woman were surprised to hear Council members describe “Transparency” and “process” and other terms for delay used often by the left. And it was very curious how  a ready made motion to delay was accepted without question as well as Outgoing Councilman Browne having seemingly immediate agreement of members on 20 Questions  “he made up over the weekend” that he would like the potential Senators to respond to in writing.  See here for the 20 Questions.  Was there out of the eye of the public agreement that the Councilman leaving the dais would be the point person on the delay.  We probably will never know.


Council Man pleads for immediate Representation of the 42nd Siting Recent Events.

Tyler Byrd

Time and again Councilman Byrd spoke up on the importance of having a Senator seated at the beginning of the session in Olympia and as soon aspossible.  His reasoning holds that as soon as the 42nd has a person at the table in the Senate the more attention and help that will come from all sources for the North County flood victims and those not currently having a home to live in because of the disaster.  He continued to be adamant representing North County where the two At Large members of the Council did not defend those citizens in any way.


Questions on policy or future behavior not for the good of the process of selecting a replacement.

Here are the questions:

One must remember that anything other than the Council deciding on the fitness of the one of the three to replace the Senator is POLITICAL and not germane to the word replacement.  Asking questions about future behavior of a Replacement is not relevant.  Many of the Browne questions are  “Dog Whistle” questions to stretch out the process and not serve the people of Whatcom County.  I would hope that all three are a replacement for a Republican Senator well-known for his Conservative stands and helping the people of his 42nd District.  Talking about social issues and taxes at this type of meeting was certainly not done when the Council voted in the same process for Progressive people in Skagit Counties’ 40th District.

Here is the E-mail sent by the Progressive liberal Riveters:



The council has 60 days from the time of vacancy to appoint someone and only 6 days to do so before the legislative session begins.

Here is the Riveters email that went out and often times was just copied with someone elses name.


At a key time North County and flooded out victims have no Representation in the State Legislature.