Executive Satpal Sidhu’s published statement on the violence in Washington DC on Jan 6th brought comments from Fourth Corner Readers.  Here is Dave Avis of Whatcom County he summarized what many responses were to the phrase that said Quote:

“It is the result of many years of poisonous rhetoric from a small minority of extremists on the far right.” in the first paragraph… The full Statement by the County Executive is here.

Photos in this article are exclusively from Seattle and Seattles KOMO TV who described these activities as “Protests”

“Dave Avis 

KOMO NEWS Picture of “Peaceful” Protest in Seattle

Answer to Satpal Sidhu,
“It is the result of many years of poisonous rhetoric from a small minority of extremists on the far right.” Nonsense.

  • ( The following seem to be) “Acceptable acts of domestic terrorism in the United States according to the democrats & radical left wing media :”
    • Live Streaming the murder of a black Retired St. Louis Police captain killed after responding to a pawnshop alarm during looting– David Dorn.
    • Vandalizing the “Veteran Affairs Headquarters,” in Washington, DC.
    • Vandalizing the “Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute,” in Washington, DC.
    Vandalizing, barricading and attempting to set fire to the “Hatfield Courthouse” while Federal Officers were inside.
    • Vandalizing and attempting to burn down “Richmond Federal Courthouse” in Virginia.
    • Vandalizing, looting and attempting to burn down the “Portland Federal Building,” in Oregon.
    • Vandalizing the “Robert Nix Federal Building,” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    • Vandalizing the “Federal Detention Center,” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    • Vandalizing the “State Capital Building,” in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    • Burning, looting and vandalizing the “Multnomah Federal Building,” in Portland, Oregon.

    KOMO News Downtown Seattle as Protests Rage

    • Rioting and vandalizing surrounding areas of the “Lincoln Memorial,” in Washington, DC.
    Vandalizing and destroying monuments at the “National Mall of History,” in Washington, DC.
    • Breaching and taking over the “Hart Senate Office Building,” while rioters broke into Senator Grassley’s office, on Capitol Hill.
    • Live-streaming death threats to the President of the United States, in front of the White House.
    • Attempting to Breach the White House!!!
    • Setting fire to the “Union Police Station,” in Portland, Oregon.
    • Burning down and vandalizing almost a dozen Historical Churches.
    • Vandalizing and destroying Elvis Presley’s “Graceland,” in Tennessee.
    • Defacing a monument dedicated to “Marcus Daly,” in Montana.
    Vandalizing a memorial for the Fallen Kansas City Police Officers, in Kansas City, Missouri.
    • Defacing the “9/11 Memorial,” in Washingtonville, New York.
    • Beheading the “Virgin Mary Statue,” in Gary, Indiana.
    • Destroying “The Ten Commandments Memorial,” in Kalispell, Montana.
    • Vandalizing and destroying “Soldiers Monument,” in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    • Vandalizing and destroying the “Civil War Monument,” in Denver, Colorado.
    • Vandalizing and destroying the “Union Veterans Monument,” in Saratoga, New York.

    KOMO News Photo of Seattle Protests

    • Sealing the doors to the “Portland Police Station” and setting the building on fire with officers inside, in Portland, Oregon.
    • Setting Fire Departments and Medical Facilities on fire, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    • Blocking fire trucks from entering a Richmond, Virginia neighborhood where a fire was set to a home with an infant inside.
    • Shooting and killing a black man named “Bernell Trammell,” for supporting and selling Pro-Trump merchandise.
    • Illegally and forcibly entering and terrorizing Government Officials homes & property.
    • Blocking ambulance entrances from gaining access to the Emergency Rooms, for injured officers.
    • Boarding up Businesses with Employees inside and setting buildings on fire, in Long Beach, California.
    • Chasing, harassing, intimidating and assaulting US Government Officials, after a White House event.

    • Hunting, chasing and murdering a Trump supporter, in Portland, Oregon.

    KOMO News Downtown Seattle “Summer of Love”

    • Taking over city blocks, barricading residents inside and committing acts of assault, rape and murder.
    • Taking over and block off dozens of interstate highways and roadways.
    • Drive-by shootings at several Trump Rally locations.
    • Throwing fireworks, Molotov cocktails and bricks at law enforcement and National Guardsmen.
    . . . and that’s just a drop in the bucket of 2020.


AND  also from Whatcom County


The following was my reply to Satpal.

Ever since the terrible event at the Capital on Wednesday the 6th, I have seen and heard almost every politician on both sides, and every media personality, and every media outlet describe the events of that day as an “insurrection”. They are also quick to pile on with the absurd opinion that Trump instigated this riot after repeatedly calling for “law and order” and “following the Constitution”.

I witnessed his speech when he gave it and there was not ONE particle of incitement to riot in any of that presentation.

This, after months of riots, pillaging, raping and murder by self-proclaimed Marxists that was euphemistically referred to in the media and by politicians as “mostly peaceful demonstrations”.

Where were the statements from folks like Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, and Biden calling for a stop to the destruction? In fact, Harris, when asked about the riots, said she thought there was nothing wrong with “frustrated” folks setting society on fire.

When President Trump coined the term “Fake News”, he was being kind.

I call this and what we saw and heard all four years of the Trump administration, “Evil Propaganda”.

Thank you,