The Fourth Corner wants to provide an update on the COVID pandemic. March 10th in Whatcom County; is when Meridian School District closed their schools we have been covering this outbreak since then. On May 10th (2 months to the day that Meridian School District closed its district) the Health Department released the data below concerning the Whatcom County COVID outbreak:

NOTE: The Health Department states that the data concerning deaths may change.

From March 1st to May 10th:

Last updated: Sunday, May 10, 2020 10:36 am.

Confirmed Cases** 333
Negative Results* 3,142
Deaths*** 32


** Confirmed Cases: Positive test results for Whatcom County residents reported in the Washington Disease Reporting System as of 11:59 pm the previous day.

*Negative Results: Negative test results available for individuals that are known to the Whatcom County Health Department in the Washington Disease Reporting System as of 11:59 pm the previous day.

***Deaths: Some deaths may be reported by healthcare providers, the medical examiner, or others. Death data may fluctuate as death records and medical records are reconciled during the investigation process. 

Of note are a number of things but the following stand out.

No one under 60 years old has died from the virus.

We have no idea how many are currently hospitalized

We have no idea how many who tested positive had symptoms and those that did not.

Locations of the cases as far as town or city or rural are not disclosed.

The information we do not have seems easy for the department to ascertain without disclosing names and might be useful for each citizen in the county to make safety decisions.

Here is the link to the Source: