The Whatcom Health Department released new data on May 31st lowering the Death figure from COVID by 20% (36-30)

Our COVID report the Health Department which showed data produced by the Whatcom Health Department May 10th Reported 32 deaths in Whatcom County. (Here)


The update from the Whatcom County Health Department on May 31st shows the reduction below.

Last updated: Sunday, May 31, 2020 10:30 am.

Confirmed Cases** 395
Negative Results* 8,135
Deaths*** 30
** Confirmed Cases: Positive test results for Whatcom County residents reported in the Washington Disease Reporting System as of 11:59 pm the previous day.

*Negative Results: Negative test results available for individuals that are known to the Whatcom County Health Department in the Washington Disease Reporting System (WDRS) as of 11:59 pm the previous day.

***Deaths: Some deaths may be reported by healthcare providers, the medical examiner, or others. Death data may fluctuate as death records and medical records are reconciled during the investigation process. 

While this screen shot (source here)  of the Washington State Outbreak site shows 36 Deaths today.

Since the week ending March 7 when COVID-19 job losses began:

  • A total of 1,996,257 initial claims have been filed during the pandemic (1,252,608 regular unemployment insurance, 397,845 PUA and 345,804 PEUC)
  • A total of 1,130,519 distinct individuals have filed for unemployment benefits
  • ESD has paid out nearly $4.7 billion in benefits
  • 807,071 individuals who have filed an initial claim have been paid
  • See the ESD Website here.


The 36 to 30 reduction because of reclassification or other reasons is a 20% reduction of the fatal effects of the Virus in Whatcom County.  The Governor, in total control of the state, is taking the Washington State Site (link above) as one of his policy making sources.  Statistically speaking; is this really a margin of error in Whatcom County of +- 20%?  It’s a fact that 1.1 million people in Washington State have lost their jobs to Government policies based partially on the reading of this “data”.