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County Council reduces twenty eight applications for empty Council seat to eight.

At Tuesday’s Jan 9th 2018 County Council Meeting; Council Members followed their procedure and winnowed the list of twenty eight candidates for Todd Donovan’s vacant at-large seat to 8 candidates that will be reviewed further and a vote on Tuesday January 16th.  If the majority of the Council votes for one candidate… That person will fill the Seat on the Council until November.


A closer more detailed look at the process to this point can be found here.

The eight chosen to move forward are:

Tim Ballew II

1) Timothy Ballew Former Lummi Business Council Chair (5 votes)

Timothy Ballew WILL run in November for the seat… He has clearly made his priority tribal interest over the years.


2) Natalie McClendon Ran in 42nd District Leg as Democrat (5 votes)

3). Seth Fleetwood Ran for 42nd District Leg as Democrat (5 Votes)

4.) Patricia Dunn Transportation Consultant (2 Votes)

5) Alicia Rule, Social Worker and At-large Position to Blaine City Council, (2 Votes)

6) Cliff Langley, 2015 Charter Review member lives in Dist 3 (2 Votes)

7) Pete Kremen, Former WC Executive and former 42nd Dist Legislator Democrat (1 Vote)

Tyler Byrd

LATE BREAKING: Wednesday night:  PETE KREMEN WITHDRAWS FROM NOMINATION… Click on the link here to better understand why Tyler Byrd backs this choice.   See Video here on Tyler Byrd’s view of this candidate. (Pete Kremen did not submit his name for consideration, but did agree to fill this position if chosen)




Click on the person above for more information on them or  For a closer look at each candidate you can find their applications here.