Police Activity Log— Enter Date of Jan 22nd

Activity on the 22nd in Bellingham Version of the CHAZ…

  1. Suspicious circumstance.

Reported: Jan 22 2021 10:49PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Offense: ASSAULT – Felony
Case #: 21B03839

Multiple people were attacked near an encampment at City Hall. Victims were rushed to the ER and one victim sustained major bodily injuries. A suspected hatchet was involved in the assaults and a handgun was brandished.


2. Reported: Jan 22 2021 5:38PM
Location: 400 BLK GIRARD ST
Case #: 21B03800

Officer took an extra patrol request.


3. Reported: Jan 22 2021 3:59PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03772

Officer took a report of a citizen being threatened with a large piece of wood by a protester at (R1).


4. Reported: Jan 22 2021 3:28PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03763

Officers responded to a graffiti report.


5. Reported: Jan 22 2021 1:52PM
Location: 200 BLK CENTRAL AVE
Case #: 21B03744

Officers responded to a traffic problem report.


6. Reported: Jan 22 2021 1:46PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03742

Officer responded to a report of two citizens who were accosted by protester at (R1).


7. Reported: Jan 22 2021 1:42PM
Location: 200 BLK E MAGNOLIA ST
Case #: 21B03327

Officers issued a trespass warning in the 200 block of E Magnolia St.


8. Reported: Jan 22 2021 11:38AM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Offense: THEFT
Case #: 21B03717

Officers responded to a theft report.


9. Reported: Jan 22 2021 10:05AM
Location: 300 BLK GRAND AVE
Case #: 21B03700

Officers responded to a suspicious circumstance report.


10. Reported: Jan 22 2021 10:03AM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03698

Officers responded to a report of an assault. The involved parties did not want to report the incident at the time of the call.


11. Reported: Jan 22 2021 9:43AM
Location: 300 BLK GRAND AVE
Offense: FIGHT
Case #: 21B03696

Officers responded to a report of a fight.


12. Reported: Jan 22 2021 9:05AM
Location: 200 BLK CENTRAL AVE
Offense: ROBBERY
Case #: 21B03709

A journalist reported being assaulted at Camp 210.