EDITORAL NOTE: This is a Fourth Corner Opinion for readers to consider

Kathy Kershner

Mark Stremler

With Newcomer Mark Stremler running against Incumbent Kathy Kershner (both Endorsed by the local Republican Party)

voters may have a tough time.

The race has seen a lot of money in putting forth each side’s advocations and hit pieces. It was interesting for this observer to see that Kathy Kershner was portrayed as a RINO in one section of the district and text put out by others show her as Maga Republican in other areas of the District. I think that kind of criticism kind proves the point. MS Kershner, when she sits on the Council is balancing the interest of the 4th District with the interest of the whole County and coming up with solutions that don’t please all the people all the time.

I have also sat through meetings, where it could be said, emotions on issues and candidate races were extremely high. And I have watched Mark Stremler’s behavior; he was externally calm, and if he was allowed to speak, reasoned and capable; with obvious leadership capabilities.

At the end of the day this was a tough one. But, in my case, I cast my ballot for someone who has had experience being in the minority on the County Council and still getting some things done while working thru COVID and a County Council who wanted to tax and spend even more than finally voted on. Kathy Kershner is an experienced incumbent who can lead us over the next four years.

While sincerely hoping that Mark Stremler, win or lose, stays involved in our Whatcom County Community body politic.

But either way I don’t believe Whatcom County can lose.