From Liv Finne of the Washington Policy Center

“In response to concerns in the community that Critical Race Theory and other racist ideas are

Liv Finne Washington Policy Center Education Director

being promoted in public schools, education leaders in Richland have clarified school policies on protecting basic civil rights and treating all students with equal dignity.  Last month, on October 25, the Richland School Board voted 4-1 to approve a policy with title “Race, Culture and the Curriculum.”  That resolution makes it clear that CRT and racial discrimination against students will not be tolerated.”




RICHLAND, Wash. – 

Policy 2360: Race, Culture, and the Curriculum passed with a 4-1 vote during the Richland School Boards meeting Tuesday night.   The policy is the exact policy from the Kennewick School District that was approved in August.

Richland School Board Members

The Policy “Race and the Curriculum INSTRUCTION”  number 2360                                                                                                                     

“The Richland School District’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) recognizes the importance of ensuring that curriculum resources reflect the diversity that exists in the country, community, and classrooms. The Board believes that the history of all races should be valued and believes in the importance of students learning social studies, civics, and the factual history of the United States from a non-partisan stance, free from political or personal biases.

The Board recognizes that students must learn factual U.S. History. History, sociology, literature, the arts, and other disciplines taught in school may have a racial dimension. Study of these disciplines, including their racial dimension, shall ensure that while students are taught that racism exists today, they will not be taught in the belief that the U.S. is fundamentally or systemically racist. Moreover, students will not be taught that their race determines their value or worth or that members of any race are inherently racist, oppressors, or victims. Neither preferential nor disparaging treatment shall be applied to learning about any race, and no student shall be taught that their skin color determines their ability to succeed; that their race determines their moral character; or that their race make them responsible for past transgressions of their race. Moreover, no student shall be taught that their socio-economic status or U.S. citizenship status makes them superior or inferior to others.

Criteria used to guide academic inquiry into matters of race as aligned to district standards and curriculum shall seek the same neutrality, objectivity and educational effectiveness expected in other areas of the curriculum. In addition, materials and activities should be sensitive to America’s pluralistic society and continue to educate free of all forms of indoctrination. The Washington State Constitutional mandate that schools shall remain forever free from sectarian control or influence shall not preclude students from expressing their views relative to beliefs about racism in compositions, reports, music ,art, debate, and classroom discussion, insofar as that racial discrimination, racism, and harassment are expressly prohibited.

Student learning objectives govern the scope and activities of each course offering in the school district. Instructional materials and/or activities must relate to grade level content standards and district-adopted curriculum.”

Legal Reference: U.S. Constitution First Amendment
Fifteenth Amendment
Washington State Constitution Article 9, Section 4


Adopted: November 8, 2022