Nov. 11th, 2013

November 5th Election Results by the numbers:


  • Over $1,000,000.00 Spent on both sides for Four County Council Races.
  • Average Turnout voting in each race (no under voters included) 50.7% For the money not much over average.
  • Michelle Luke wins vote in Council 3rd District 51.6%
  • Ben Elenbaas wins vote in Council 2nd District 57.69%
  •     Elected? NO: See below for details on this “Brenner” Effect
  • Republican Endorsed Candidates win by average 55.30% in Rural Whatcom County
  • Republican Endorsed Candidates win by 66% in the Small Towns.
  • Republican Endorsed Candidates take 54.32% of Legislative District 42 Votes.
  • Progressive Candidates with help from Bellingham-Chuckanut Conservatives take 70% of the City of Bellingham Vote.


  • So What Happened:
  • Six races decided by an average difference of 2600 votes.
  • Central Bellingham voted 80% progressive, South( South of Fairhaven) turned 73% progressive.
  •  Central Bellingham and South Bellngham “coal trains” concern showed up as most of the differences in the races for County Council.

In  a countywide race Bellingham Vote needed to be 6 points more than it was for Republican Endorsed Candidates to win.  The difference in this race may very well have been mostly coal train driven.  The irony is that coal trains will continue to vie their way north to Canada in spite of the progressive’s best efforts to block these family wage jobs here in Whatcom County.
What can we expect… Its rumored that Lisa McShane (behind the scenes of the Whatcom Wins winning candidates) states that the 3 member board in Olympia will not be challenged… that means higher septic and water taxes for the future and down zoning of thousands of rural land owners land; reducing their values.   More to follow.


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SO Really Folks What is the “Brenner effect” and what does it mean?

My friend Barbara is going to love the attention
Barbara Brenner is a long time County council Member from the 3rd District North and West of Bellingham.

Its result is that Ken Mann and Carl Weimer have never been elected by those that live in their election district.
In this election large majorities of Rural and Small Town voters will not have a resident elected voice serving on their County Council.

In 2005 Voters in Whatcom County voted to elect their Representatives by the District where they reside instead of an “At-Large” County-wide Election.  The first election to be district only was 2007.

Five weeks after the 2007 election, led by Barbara Brenner, the council passed an ordinance to reverse the people’s decision.  This ordinance was passed without hearing.  It was placed on the ballot and an uneducated public put “at large” voting back in place.

The November 5th election shows the “Brenner effect” of Ken Mann and Carl Weimer not getting a majority vote in the district they will end up representing.

The following is the left’s solution for humanity and the environment…

Current Government Environmental dogma:

  1. The Earth is warming
  2. Increase in Carbon Dioxide is the only cause that matters.
  3. Carbon Dioxide increase is caused by human activity.

Conclusion of the dogma:

  1. Warming is happening, warming will continue to happen, warming will increase (INTO THE FUTURE) based on Human Behavior only.
  2. Human policy in Washington State will be dictated on this conclusion and we must comply with all policies to save the earth from Carbon and only Carbon “overheating” IN THE FUTURE.
  3. Washington State MUST lead in Carbon Only reduction by spending its tax dollars, potential jobs and give up its inexpensive power to get this done.

Professor Emeritus Don Easterbrook of WWU testified March 26th, 2013 in front of the Washington State Senate’s Energy Environment & Telecommunications Committee.  The Link to the testimony is here.

Let your legislators know you want common sense legislation and common sense energy costs AND a real definition for “Green Energy”.