Cliff Freeman, candidate

Blaine School Board district 3

Phone: (360) 510-3500


Elected Experience: ASB President, Blaine HS, 1970-71

Professional Experience: Civil Engineer, Anvil Corporation, 42 years, Retired.

Education: Blaine HS Class of ’71, WSU BSCE ’76.

Community Service:

Blaine Food Bank, St Anne Catholic Church – Parish Council, CTE advisor- Blaine HS, Blaine Athletic Booster Club- Board member, Hillsdale Cemetery- Board Member.


Parents have the number 1 responsibility for their kids. It is your duty to know and affect what’s being taught to your kids.

I strongly support career and technical education (CTE), an area where our district is headed in the right direction. We have many excellent teachers and administrators in Blaine, and I support rewarding excellence.

Schools are being pressured by divisive radical and woke ideology.  Schools are not a laboratory for social experiments, and kids are not guinea pigs. We must take a stand against this irrational thinking: there are only 2 genders, girls’ sports are for girls (not boys) and drag queen story hour is not appropriate in our schools.

Let’s refocus education on the basics and prepare our students for success.  This is our solemn obligation to the next generation.