As reported by Liv Finne of the WPC

“The elected board of the Chehalis School District has responded to the concerns of parents and passed a resolution banning the teaching of controversial Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms.

The new policy, passed June 15th, provides that schools will not teach that some students are inherently good and

Liv Finne Washington Policy Center Education Director

others are inherently bad based on their outward appearance.  Further, district officials declared that political ideology has no place in public schools and that teachers will educate students, not tell them what to think or what opinions to hold.

The Chehalis district is located 30 miles south of Olympia and comprises eight public schools serving some 3,000 students.”



Chehalis School Board Equity Statement

“Equality of opportunity through an excellent education for every young person in the Chehalis School District, empowering them with the choice of college and/or career, is the central purpose and desired goal.”

The Chehalis school board in spite of all the state level resources they are faced with… concerning equity… have passed a resolution that states that:

The Resolution in full:

The central purpose and goal of the Chehalis School District is to build a sound educational foundation for each student, enabling them to become responsible citizens. Success in building that foundation means allowing every graduate of this district the freedom and ability to choose to earn a credential beyond high school, providing them real choices in pursuing college and career. Providing each student this educational foundation is key toward equality of opportunity for every Chehalis student.

Graduation at Chehlais High School

Our school district is not a political or partisan organization. The district does not push any ideology. It does not endorse curriculum where students are taught what to think. The District fosters teaching and learning, K-12, that helps students develop critical thinking and problem- solving skills which they can apply to life’s challenges. These skills will enable them the freedom to chart the most productive course for their own life. That said, the District will enforce enacted Washington State and US federal laws as pertain to education and school districts.

The Chehalis School District believes that the American Dream of greater opportunity for all our students is real for our graduates, as is evidenced by the diverse backgrounds of so many of our alumni.

It is acknowledged that all the young people in the Chehalis School District do not start at an equitable jumping off point. To address this gap, the District provides each student the support and assistance needed as individuals to be ready to graduate career and college ready. One goal of the school district is to help each student tap and develop their individual potential.

Further, it is acknowledged there is evidence of systematic wrong doing, intentional or unintentional where the United States has failed to live up to the ideals of the Nation’s founding. Understanding and learning from these failures is a necessary part of a quality education. We will not teach Chehalis students that people, due to their race or background are inherently good or bad, guilty or innocent, more or less capable than others. The United States is the most diverse country on earth, providing students the opportunity for significant understanding and growth.

Equality of opportunity through an excellent education for every young person in the Chehalis School District, empowering them with the choice of college and/or career, is the central purpose and desired goal.

The full link of the resolution is here…

 Liv Finne from the Washington Policy Center Education Center reports here:

” In communities where educating children is no longer the top mission, parents should be allowed access to alternatives, like those proposed in Rep. Kraft’s bill (HB 1215) to give a fully-funded $7,000 Education Savings Account (ESA) to every family that wants one.  Then every child could get a great public education, without the negative impacts caused by harmful race-based indoctrination.”