Washington State Map after 2010 Redistricting

From beginning to end the redistricting process really matters as demographics change and the Census is taken.

Process to “Count” people changes on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day

Beginning Nov 19, 2020 (16 Days after the Presidential election) Census Bureau Director Steve Dillingham said that “during post-collection processing, certain processing anomalies [had] been discovered.” And census figures would have to be held past the December 31st deadline. Dillingham’s Bio is here…

Then on January 20, 2021… One of Joe Biden’s first acts on his inauguration day was to issue an executive order “effectively overturning President Donald Trump’s earlier directive to the contrary.” What was Biden’s command: “to count each person regardless of their immigration status.

Then a week later on January 27, 2021.. Kathleen Styles, a U.S. Census Bureau official, announced that the final apportionment figures that were due on December 31, 2020 would not be delivered until April 30, 2021.

Nationally what can this mean:

There is always an estimate of population put out by the Census Bureau on what the Congressional numbers will be for each state. It give a predicted inventory of which states will gain and lose Congressional representation.

Based on the estimates for December 2020 some models predicted a change of 10 seats…

Below is the list of States and seats changing following the release of edited figures on April 26th 2021 showing how 7 seats will be changed.

Gainers Seats Losers Seats
Texas 2 California 1
Colorado 1 Illinois 1
Florida 1 Michigan 1
Montana 1 New York 1
North Carolina 1 Ohio 1
Oregon 1 Pennsylvania 1
West Virginia 1

These figures are presented at the state level and have not been broken down to  “census block” amounts yet (census block population numbers are used to draw lines for local and state jurisdictions and this process is now delayed until September 30,2021.  They are normally available in the February  timeframe.

The process in Washington State is thought to be one of the fairest (defined on number of court cases over the last 30 years compared to other states) in the country.

You can see how Washington State does this at this link…

You can see how you can have input into the process at this link