Carbon Tax Anyway?

Carbon Tax Initiative 1631 turned down in 36 of 39 Washington Counties; and garnering only 44% of the vote is back in the spotlight and a version may be passed by the State Legislature… over the people’s obvious objections to a carbon tax… after the Democrats took over the State Legislature last November.

Sen Steven Hobbs Democrat 44th District

Sen Hobbs (Democrat) Lk Stevens has proposed a .15 cent per gallon carbon tax on gasoline to “build infrastructure” and other new spending for such things as:

  • Improving stormwater collection and treatment systems.
  • Increasing the number of electric vehicles, including new electric ferries for the state’s system.
  • Local programs for bike and pedestrian projects and safe schools, rural mobility, bus, vanpool and commute trip reduction.

An interesting observation revealed by the results of the November election here in Whatcom County and the 42nd district tells us that people split their votes by voting no on the initiatives that raise taxes but voting yes to send the Democrats to the legislature who will normally vote to raise taxes; including a carbon tax.

In Ferndale City for example 13% of those voting NO on 1631 voted for a Democrat while in Blaine City about 10% of those voting NO on 1631 the Carbon Tax voted for a Democrat.  This resulted in over 1000 votes; in those two cities alone; by voters who did not want a carbon tax but voted for a Democrat legislator who will vote yes to raise taxes.

For fiscal conservatives this is just difficult to understand. Full Story Here.

Department of Ecology: after a year-long dysfunctional process the Planning Unit was unable to agree on an update…

…See the full story on Common Threads Here.

Mayor of Bellingham race gets a little more interesting…

 A 38 year old man who grew up in Bellingham: Garrett O’Brien who resides in Bellingham with his wife Brittany and 3 daughters filed  a C-1 for the purpose of running for mayor of Bellingham on the Public Disclosure web site on Dec 4th 2018 here.

The Candidate web-site is here

His list of endorsements and likes are described as ” a Very eclectic assortment of folks” by one observer.

His facebook page is here

A facebook post here answers a question many will ask:


So far Pinky Vargas is also in the race.

“I ran for office to be a voice for women, the environment, and social justice…”

Information on Pinky Vargas and her campaign is here.

Remember to Vote in the Conservation District Election:

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