Beth Perry

  I am Beth Perry, a lifelong Whatcom County resident and a
20 year Ferndale resident, and a married mother of three children, who
my husband and I  homeschool. I became interested in the school board in 2021 when so many parents wanted to make their voices heard on covid
restrictions and mask mandates. Month after month myself and other
parents spoke up, and over and over nothing was done about our concerns.

I recently learned that Kevin Erickson was coming up for
reelection and I heard that he had never had an opponent, well this time
I believe he should have to work for his votes!

As a homeschool mom, I know that each child learns
differently and at their own pace. I am concerned with or school tests
scores that have dropped or remained stagnant over the last 10 years.  Over half of Ferndale students test below grade level in Math, English  and Science. On the flip side the cost to educate keeps going up.

I am also concerned that the district is not taking student safety seriously, many families are concerned about bullying of children and classroom behavior is disrupting learning. Ferndale is a diverse community with many different beliefs, but many families have said the school district have pushed aside their concerns that teaching goes against their beliefs and disregarded their concerns.

I want to be the voice for families in Ferndale, where we respect every student and every family.

Beth Perry
Candidate Ferndale School Board Dist 1