BEN ELENBAAS for Whatcom County Council District 5

Ben Elenbaas

It’s been an honor to represent you, but there is still more work to be done. Far too many people are being marginalized by a council majority that seems to only serve their own interests. The result is Bellingham-centric solutions that don’t serve you.

Throwing more of your tax dollars at problems rarely results in better outcomes. Budgets continue to grow while the very people we serve face a growing crisis of unaffordability. I know the concerns of District 5. I grew up on a farm. I work at an oil refinery. I live in a rural area.

One of the major concerns I hear is that our current council majority continually tries to apply failed policy, expecting better results. We have a fentanyl and safety epidemic, a homelessness crisis; an affordable housing crisis and local family wage jobs are still under attack. Activists say we can’t have clean water and agriculture. They say we can‘t have clean air and thriving industries. We can have both and, we must have both.

This is the perspective I bring to the council. In an echo chamber it takes a bold voice to present an alternative opinion. I am that bold voice, even when I have to stand alone. To continue bringing bold solutions instead of more of the same, re-elect Ben Elenbaas County Council District 5.