The Fourth Corner uncovers main backers of Ericksen Recall Scheme: Note : the “WEA Fourth Corner” is NOT this Fourth Corner.

The following e-mail (from Paul Hope) went out to a teacher list the Washington Education Association (State Teacher’s Union) owns.

Highlights of the e-mail:

  • First short paragraph on getting teachers to Senator Ericksen’s Town Hall.
  • The rest of the document seems to be a campaign piece to recall Senator Ericksen.
  • The fact they ask teachers to take overt action against Sen. Ericksen by filing “corrected” court documents makes this a “political” campaign organizing document.
  • State Teachers have never to my knowledge (15 years) supported the Senator for Office or in the District.
  • Lying in their e-mail by stating that Ericksen is appointed “to (dismantle) the EPA”.
  • Irony:  The only Paul Hope on the Voter List of Whatcom County lives in the 40th District.

Fourth Corner readers… Do you honestly believe this recall effort is a non-partisan effort or just a very partisan teacher’s union trying to remove a political opponent that they could not beat at the last election? You Decide.

We look forward to seeing a cash or in-kind contribution from the Washington Education Association for use of their list and e-mail addresses on the newly filed Political Action Committee 42ND LEG DIST CONSTITUENTS FOR FAIR REPRESENTATION Reporting forms click here for the filing documents of this committee.


The Teacher’s Union is calling for people to file forms with information they believe will show reason for a recall…  For example if I called or tried to communicate with Senator Ericksen and he was in the restroom and unavailable…this means I could not reach Senator Ericksen and thus the Senator was derelict.  It seems the union  made an error in a previous e-mail in the definition of what is admissible to the court.  Does this indicate that the teacher’s union or the new committee disclosed above have received legal advice in their campaign efforts to get a recall?? Does this mean the preponderance of evidence to be received is generated by the e-mail above.

Here are the links in the email reproduced so you can see what they actually contain.