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Ralph Myers

Ralph Myers lost his son to murder in California 30 years ago. He is a long time proponent of victim’s rights and writes here about disarming America as NOT being the answer…


The outrage is deafening. The call to disarm Americans is moving at a fevered pace. As, a father of a murdered son, I identify with the absolute grief and horror the parents of those children lost in the mass shootings that have happened at schools around America. Their pain and anguish will never go away. There will be no “closure.” It matters not, what new gun laws are passed, the evil in humankind will never be legislated away. But the rights of law-abiding American citizens may well be just a vote away in both houses of congress from being taken away. In a recent tweet, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted, “The lines were just drawn from The White House. Biden is coming for our guns. Time to get to work. Also, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., called out Biden for his apparent hypocrisy on the subject. She tweeted and Biden refused to protect your children at school with armed security. Same Democrats are protected by armed guards daily.”

Because of Representative Green’s habit of being outspoken when expressing her views, the Democratic Party recently tried to ban her from being able to run again for her seat in congress. Ironic isn’t it, they want to ban her, and once more want to ban our right to bear arms?

I want to concentrate on Representative Greene’s comments, wherein she stated, “Joe Biden wants to ban ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity magazines’ yet Democrats refuse to prosecute violent crimes in Democrat cities all over the country. No one can accuse her of being disingenuous when pointing that out, because that is exactly what the president is pushing for, and while most Americans are probably unaware, the Democratic Party has relentlessly promoted the rights of criminals to the detriment of victims, and justice being served.

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Here are some examples. Prosecutors who oppose California’s three-strikes law — like George Gascón of Los Angeles and, to some extent, Chesa Boudin of San Francisco — are still required to charge sentence-lengthening “strikes” when a defendant has serious prior convictions, a state appeals court ruled Thursday. But the court said the prosecutor could then seek dismissal of strikes “in the interests of justice,” a decision for the trial judge. Both Democratic prosecutors refused to apply the “Three Strikes Law,” overwhelmingly passed by the voters in 1994. This law was passed to assure that violent criminals that had previous convictions could not be released from prison for at least 25 years if they were convicted of a third strike violation. This law protects society, and public safety. Refusing to apply this law and allowing violent felons released from prison cannot protect society, and the public safety.

After thirty years has passed since my son’s murder, I have spent much of it as a crime victim’s advocate. What we as victim survivor’s sought was some kind of justice being received by us that the person who murdered him would be held accountable for their crime. In our case, the murderer was charged and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. Although we were relieved our son’s murderer was convicted and sentenced, during their time in prison, the liberal left Democrats passed new laws that were beneficial to the criminals, making them the protected, and the victims the unprotected. What these laws did, was to allow parole consideration to violent criminals they did not have when they were tried and convicted. If the persons that committed the heinous crime of murder were under 25 years of age when they did them, they were now considered not culpable for their crime because their brains had not properly grown in intellect, that would make them culpable. There were many other laws passed that further gave convicted murderers new rights, which had the effect of re-victimizing the victims.


Now, the Democrats once more are showing they are more interested in taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens by disarming them, and further enhancing the rights of those elements in society that will not abide by any of the new gun control laws. All they will do is further render Americans to be unprotected.

Tom’s Dad

Ralph L Myers