Three Choices for Senate Answer Council Questions…


The 3 Choices of the Whatcom County Republican Party to replace Senator Doug Ericksen have submitted their responses to the Whatcom County Council. They Submitted their Resume’s and Answers to the Council’s belated questions.

Delay for North County and the 42nd District Representation in the Senate could have been avoided.

The Council delayed the selection of a State Senator in time for the start of the session when they ignored their Agenda item and discussion of replacement on January 4th. They presented questions prepared on the 2nd or 3rd of January by outgoing Councilman Rud Browne.  The Senator passed away on the 17th of December and the Council was aware they would be presented with 3 choices to fill the Senator’s seat as of the 17th of December.

In fact Outgoing Councilman Rud Browne wrote an e-mail on the 22nd of December urging rapid replacement process because of the Disaster’s occurring in North Whatcom County


Here are the answers by the Candidates…

Ben Elenbaas

Ben Elenbaas 5th District Councilman

Simon Sefzik

simon sefzik

Tawsha Dykstra Thompson

Tawsha Dykstra Thompson

For further information on the process and the candidates Click here.