Editor’s Note: Local writer and volunteer contributor to water issues and The Fourth Corner has a take on our current pandemic. Thanks Molly Crocker.

Author Molly Crocker

I am blessed with what I believe is a sanctified optimism. I wasn’t able to buy non-perishable foods yesterday when I went shopping, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do that soon. Grocery stores are having a great March!

What’s good about this quarantine?
1. You’re probably NOT going to get the virus. Many other infectious diseases are going to be slowed or maybe even ended.
2. We will end up much less dependent on China.
3. Manufacturing of everything here in the US is going to increase. Jobs, innovation, and the world coming to us because we build it right.
4. You’ll have time to read a book, play games with your family, and check up on folks you haven’t seen in awhile.
5. You may have time to learn something new. New technology, a new craft skill, a new language. While you’re at it, improve the skills you have now.
6. You’re going to learn how to be resourceful and inventive and stretch your supplies a little farther.
7. Medical videoconferencing is now a thing, a long overdue, much awaited thing!
8. You’re allowed and encouraged to get outside and take a walk. Sunshine and fresh air can cut mortality rates of virus infection in half. Listen and observe. Have your camera handy and please share what you find.
9. People have an opportunity to be nicer to each other.
10. You still have and can practice gratitude. That is something you have in abundance.

•There WILL be some financial distress.
•There will definitely be some changes in how we do some things.
•Look at the smart phone. We embraced that instantly, so I know we can handle change. The smart phone is going to help get us through this. Recognize and embrace the good changes that are coming.