KGMI on Thursday October 24th “News Extra” reviewed a complaint by progressive activist Alex Ramel about a $70,000.00 donation from a company at Cherry Point made to a PAC also in Whatcom County.

KGMI’s own report states that the Public Disclosure Commission does not think there is a problem… also KGMI breaks with past local practices and reports on a complaint to the PDC and doesn’t wait for an outcome while voters are voting.

Here is the PODCAST: it is under 5 minutes.

The headline on the post at KGMI

A Fourth Corner source claims this:

“The Headline —Sidhu supporters cry foul on Phillips 66 donation—parrots a partisan attack from a radical anti-energy advocate. But at the end of the short story you find this line:

“A PDC spokesperson tells KGMI the filing appears to be within the law but the commission will decide. It’s unclear if a ruling will be made before the November 5th election.

“KGMI makes a sensational claim in their headline, and in their very own story discredit their own headline.”

PDC Link

Here at the Fourth Corner we wanted the side of the story we didn’t hear at KGMI so we talked to GOP Chair Kathy Kershner.

Kathy Kershner Chair of Whatcom Republicans and Candidate in the Fourth District

“Alex Ramel is a long-time progressive activist.  He made a pathetic attempt as Stand.Earth’s organizer to bully the membership of the Whatcom Business Alliance, founded by Tony Larson, a few years ago.(The June 1st 2017 story is here). He threatened to ‘expose’ them as members of a “right-leaning” organization and claimed this would cause the community to stop frequenting their businesses.  He was quickly shut down by a member of the organization who called Alex out for his tactics.

Now, Alex is attempting, once again, to unjustly smear Tony Larson and his bid for Whatcom County Executive.

The PDC complaint filed by Alex Ramel against the PAC is a last-minute campaign stunt designed to suppress votes for Tony.  It won’t work.  The left is worried the public is going to find out they are trying to shut down our industries at Cherry Point.

They don’t seem remember the more than $200,000 donated by Californian, Tom Steyer, funneled through the Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund to County Council candidates Rud Browne, Barry Buchanan and Carl Weimer in 2013.  Where was their outrage when outside interests took over our local elections?? ”

From the Fourth Corner opinion center:

It seems that Mr. Ramel was attempting to draw attention away from the $73,000.00 in Environmental Industrial Complex money that was and is being spent for candidates in favor of shutting down Cherry Point and who back Mr. Ramel’s political views.  Here’s the Fourth Corner Article on the $73,000.00 from special interest outside Whatcom County.