What are Advisory Votes?

There will be several advisory votes on the ballot this November.  What are they and why are they on the ballot in the First Place.

Originally passed as an Initiative of the people in 2007 Initiative 960 stated that for every tax issue passed by the State Legislature of Washington, the Voters in the next General Election, would vote; “advising” the legislature on how the voters “felt” about the Tax Increases or issues.  These votes are not “binding” on the legislature but gives the legislature some feedback on their votes to increase taxes.

The Advisory Vote has had to be renewed in 2010, 2012, and 2015 thru the initiative process.

Since 2012 there have been 19 Advisory Votes on the November ballots; In 2019 there are 12 Advisory Votes alone; making it the largest year of tax advisories votes ever.

Your advisory choices are to “Maintain vote ” or to “Repeal Vote”.  Again; this is not a binding vote but gives the legislature some sense of what the people that put them in office think of their new taxes.

  1. Advisory Vote 20- New Wage tax to fund Long Term Healthcare.
  2. Advisory Vote 21- Extend Time to Tax on Timber Products.
  3. Advisory Vote 22- New Paint Tax.
  4. Advisory Vote 23- New Vape and Cigarette Tax.
  5. Advisory Vote 24- New Business Tax to Fund Higher Education.
  6. Advisory Vote 25- New Tax on Financial Institutions.
  7. Advisory Vote 26- New Tax on Online Retailers.
  8. Advisory Vote 27- New Taxes on Petroleum Products.
  9. Advisory Vote 28- Remove Tax Exemptions from out of state visitors.
  10. Advisory Vote 29- New Excise Taxes on Real Estate Transactions.
  11. Advisory Vote 30- New Tax on Tour Operators and Travel Agents.
  12. Advisory Vote 31- New Business tax on international Investment & management services.

If you believe that new and adjusted taxes should be retained vote to “Maintain”;

If you believe that new and adjusted taxes should be overturned vote to “Repeal”

It is important that the legislature know how you feel so please vote on these issues.