The Wrap Up Smear at the local level, in Sequim, Wa.


A story of throwing “cold water” on the 1st Amendment

Mayor Armacost, while wearing a lapel pin, answered a question about Q-Anon while on Sequim City business. The City Manager told him it was inappropriate and Mayor Armacost apologized for the inappropriateness of answering a question on this topic while on City Business. In a civil world, that would be the end of it. However, never ignore the opportunity to make a crisis if possible, is part of the “Indivisible like” pattern of scripted disruption and resisting.

At City Council meetings, since then, there has been constant references and questions to the Mayor’s belief and involvement with Q-anon. It culminated in an article written in the Daily Beast,

These next sentences are a quote from this article. “Do you still stand behind your belief that Q-Anon is a truth movement? Armacost critic Marsha Maguire asked during a council meeting held on Zoom.

Armacost didn’t say anything, but the QAnon questions weren’t over. Next up, a Sequim resident who gave his name as “Josh” had an urgent question for Armacost: Could Armacost hold off on joining any new QAnon insurrections, even if just for a few weeks?

“At the very least, for the rest of this month, if you could promise not to commit any act of insurrection, that would be great,” Josh said at the meeting. “Just as a citizen of Sequim, I don’t like to be represented by terrorists. So if we could promise to finish out this month without killing anyone, that would be great.”. . . .

These type of questions continued at the next Coffee with the Mayor. Except in this session, Mayor Armacost explained that the pin he wore was a “Thin Blue Line” pin and explained the meaning. Little did Mayor Armacost know, someone had called in big guns, a CNN reporter was waiting for him and a piece ended up on Television.

So this has now evolved into a full onslaught against the Sequim City Council by an “Indivisible like” group called Sequim Good Governance League because they don’t like that there are mostly Conservative City Counselors. These people did not form a Good Governance League when the City Council was mostly Democrats.

Sequim City Manager Fired

The latest outrage for Sequim Good Governance is the firing of Charlie Bush, Sequim City Manager. This pandering to the “Wrap Up Smear” tactic, defined in video by Nancy Pelosi (web address below) is mean and uncivil, in this case, because Charlie Bush had resigned early 2020. There was no outrage then against the Sequim City Council.

When the nation was shut down, Charlie Bush returned to Sequim, asked for his job back and was reinstated. This destructive disregard for a person, or people, who are Conservative is scary. We ought to be afraid of these screeching, braying people because they lack a moral compass. They do not display any stop boundaries on their behavior or words. If you are wondering who gives these people their marching orders, in my opinion, it would be the Democratic Leadership.  Watch the video as Nancy Pelosi defines “wrap up smear” technique, about 26.4 minutes.

An opinion is we Conservatives and Independents need a SAFE PLACE, because these people behave as HATERS.

Author Sue Runyan

S. Runyan
I worked. I retired.
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February 2021